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September 2011 Newsletter

09/12/2011 15:47
Coweta Beekeepers Monthly Newsletter  Click here for the Bee Biz 

The EPA cover-up of the damage done by neonicotinoid pesticides

09/22/2011 14:33
We investigate growing questions about the impact of a new class of pesticides on honey bees – and ultimately our entire food system. Are government regulators taking the potential threat seriously enough? Many say the story of the honey bees demonstrates everything that’s wrong with pesticide...

October 2011 Newsletter

10/13/2011 15:53
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November 2011 Newsletter

11/07/2011 08:37
Coweta Beekeepers Monthly Newsletter  Click here for the Bee Biz 

December 2011 Newsletter

12/03/2011 08:54
Coweta Beekeepers Monthly Newsletter  2011 12 Bee Biz.pdf (29,7 kB)

Beekeeper Of The Year Award

12/14/2011 08:51
  The annual Coweta Beekeepers Association Christmas Party was held December 12 and the highlight of the evening was the recognition of Steven Page of Sharpsburg as 2011 Beekeeper of the Year.  He was given the award by Bobby Torbush, 2010 Beekeeper of the...

January 2012 Newsletter

01/06/2012 03:31
Coweta Beekeepers Monthly Newsletter 2012 01 Bee Biz.pdf (77,3 kB)

2012 Introduction to Beekeeping Course

02/07/2012 11:35
55 students attended this year's short course.  Many have already committed to becoming beekeepers this year and have already ordered their bees.   The day went well with help from many people including Lynn McElreath, food; Chuck Mills, photography; Garry Cooke, emcee;...

February 2012 Newsletter

02/07/2012 13:44
Coweta Beekeepers Monthly Newsletter   2012 02 Bee Biz.pdf (82,3 kB)

Beekeeping Added to Georgia Right to Grow Act

02/11/2012 21:04
The Georgia General Assembly is getting ready to review a new bill titled the House Bill 853 Georgia Right to Grow Act. (In general terms) The bill is intended to protect the citizens of Georgia from local governments by preventing local governments from passing laws/ordinances prohibiting...
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