Beekeeping Supplies, Nucs and Packages


Dan Scales (Tyrone) 678-232-4793

5 frame nuc  $170       

Full payment required to reserve nuc or package. Cash, check or charge.

Queens $30

Supplies available also.


Pickup: 266 Kirkley Rd, Tyrone, GA


Buzz Factor Bees

     2018 PACKAGES AND  NUCS                                        

 770-949-6640H   770-366-7455C  


Packages 3 lb package Italian with mated queen $105

Delivery weekend March 10, 2017, and March 24, 2017, at Douglasville American Legion or Coweta Extension Office

 You must make reservations.

Will call for exact time frame.

Deposit $50 per package with order


NUCS are 5 frame Italians and are $165.   We use wood frames and wax foundation.

The nuc comes with a plywood nuc box that is included in the price.  It can be used for swarms, splits or a “quiet” box.

Estimated delivery – Late April

Queen marking is available on nucs only.

Nucs will be picked up at my home 7148 Shell Rd.  Winston, GA

Deposit of $50 per nuc with order, with balance before pick up.


Buster's Bees    

 sells Nucs......A NUC is a small starter hive of bees on five frames. Each NUC has a Queen and most of the bees are her offspring.

The earlier you order bees the earlier you get bees. We sell out every year. Order information and form on web site


Buster also raises Queens for you in the spring and summer right here, If you need queens please contact us.  770-389-0721


Buster's Bees Beekeeping Supply Store is Open....From your beginner beekeeper to the most experienced we will meet all of your basic needs.Our hours are not set in stone, So please contact us so we can arrange a day and time for you to come by,  770-389-0721 or




We would like to thank the staff at the Coweta County UGA Extension Office for the privilege of using their facility each month.