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Dan Scales
Store: 678-673-6797
Dora: 678-232-4794
Dan: 678-232-4793
Full line of Beekeeping equipment & supplies including, 
Mann Lake, Glory Bee, Dadant, Custom orders, and local builders
Store located at 4046 Sharpsburg McCullum Road (Hwy 154), Suite 213. Newnan, GA. 30265.

Hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 11 am - 5 pm.
We are closed Wednesday and Sunday except by appointment.

We accept Cash, Charge/Debit, Check, and PayPal. 
  • Mated Queens  $40 (All Marked)
  • 5 Frame Nucs – price to be set when they become available
  • Package of bees - $140 (Payable in advance of February 15, 2022) Pickup date starting March 24th.                                             

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                     770-949-6640H                            770-366-7455C                                                                             

* Packages 3 lb package Italian with mated queen $135

Delivery March 19th at the Coweta Extension Office
and at Douglasville American Legion

We have mated queens for $35 as available.
You must make reservations.
Will call for the exact time frame so I must have a contact phone number (and cell number).
A non-refundable deposit of $50 per package or nuc with order will hold your package or nuc.

* NUCS are 5 frame Italian line and are $210 each.  

The frames are drawn combs and we use both wood and plastic.  They will be delivered in ProNucs.  Should you want to keep the ProNuc Box, there will be a deposit of $20 per container.  They must be returned by 60 days in order to receive a refund on the box.  It can be used for swarms, splits or a “quiet” box.   Estimated  Nuc delivery – Last week of April/First week in May. 
Queen marking is available on nucs only.

Nucs will be picked up at my home 7148 Shell Rd.  Winston, GA  30187
Deposit of $50 per nuc with your order, with balance before pick up.

Mail deposits:
Buzz Factor Honey                                     
7148 Shell Road                                                                770-949-6640 home
Winston, GA  30187                                                            770-366-7455 cell
Your Name _________________________________
Deposit  ___________________________________
Check # ___________________________________
Delivery Date _______________________________
Location ___________________________________
Packages  __________________________________
Nucs ______________________________________
Your contact phone number  ____________________
email address _______________________________