Coweta beekeepers looking for honeybee swarms

03/29/2009 08:00

Published Sunday, March 29, 2009 in Times-Herald, Newnan, GA

Coweta beekeepers looking for honeybee swarms

Honeybees began swarming recently and will continue to swarm into May.

The Coweta Beekeepers are now asking for the public's help locating swarms.

Honeybees reproduce by swarming. A queen will leave a hive with about half of the worker bees to create a new hive. The honeybees left behind will create a new queen to perpetuate the existing colony, according to a Coweta Beekeeper spokesperson.

They are asking citizens to help them find honeybee swarms and then contact a beekeeper by calling the County Agricultural Extension Office at 770-254-2620. Or, citizens can find a list of the beekeepers that are looking for swarms on the Coweta Beekeepers Association.

When a beekeeper captures a swarm they will provide a honeybee hive for the swarm, which will allow the swarm to grow and prosper. The swarm can develop into a strong colony and produce a swarm next spring, thus increasing the number of honeybee colonies.

The Coweta Beekeepers Association meets the second Monday of each month at the Asa Powell Sr. Expo Center, 197 Temple Ave. in Newnan. For more information, contact Steven Page 770-683-2465 or .