Coweta Beekeepers Plan "Short Course" Nov. 8

09/29/2008 08:00

For those interested in a new, sweet hobby -- it's time to come and see what all the buzz is about.

Nov. 8 the Coweta Beekeepers Association will offer a beekeeping short course from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Participants will learn the basics of beekeeping and meet the members of the association.

Hobby beekeeping is an important part of honey production in the United States. Beekeeping can last a lifetime, providing enjoyment, exercise and sweet rewards, according to the association.

Beekeeping is very old -- even the Egyptians were beekeepers. Modern beekeeping started about 1851 when Lorenzo Langstroth developed a way to space the honeycomb in the hive allowing its removal without damage.

Bees pollinate flowers including fruits and vegetables -- increasing crop yields. The excess honey produced by the bees can be removed from the hive and extracted for use. Honey is a natural sweetener that is full of beneficial nutrients and has medicinal qualities.

The fall is the best time to start a beekeeping hobby. Honeybees can be ordered for spring delivery.

During the fall and winter, the wooden hardware that makes up the hive can be purchased, assembled and painted in preparation for the spring delivery of the honeybees. Cold winter days are a good opportunity to read up on beekeeping in anticipation of the spring honeybee delivery. Starting in the fall will provide for the best chance of a successful first year.

A beehive should be located in a sunny location away from pets and people. The bees will forage for nectar and pollen up to three miles from the hive.

To pre-register for the short course, send a $50 check, made out to the Coweta Beekeepers Association, to Charles Olsen, 75 George Byrom Rd., Newnan, GA 30263 before Oct. 24, or register at the door by paying $55. Early registration is recommended as seating is limited. Registration covers the cost of lunch, snacks, a copy of "First Lessons in Beekeeping," all handouts and Coweta Beekeepers Association 2009 dues. For more information on the short course, contact Charles Olsen at 770-304-2737.

The Coweta Beekeepers Association's next meeting is Monday, Oct. 13 at 7 p.m. at the Asa M. Powell Sr. Expo Center, 197 Temple Avenue in Newnan. Visitors are always welcome.

For more information contact Steven Page at 770-683-2465 or visit the Web site, .