Tornado Victims Receive Assistance with Displaced Bees

03/29/2021 19:03

Newnan/Coweta Tornado 
Assistance with Displaced Bees

In addition to beekeepers in the area who had hives destroyed by the storm, honey bees naturally live in tree cavities and in structures such as homes and outbuildings.  
If you or your cleanup crew find a swarm of bees or a bee hive in a damaged structure, we are here to help.  
Please click on Member Services to access our swarm and cutout lists for those able to come in and remove bees.
  • Swarm - bees hanging out on a branch or wall or other area which is open to access and does not have honeycomb built.
  • Cutout - bees who have made comb inside a wall or tree or other structure which require physical cutting away to remove.
Alternatively, you may also reach us by contacting Kara Bassett via text at 770.668.6625.  Please provide the following:
  1.     Your name or name of contact person for accessing the property 
  2.     Address where bees are located
  3.     A photo of the AREA where the bees are located
  4.     A CLOSE UP photo of the bees in question (Get as close as possibe, THEN zoom in camera.  Don't be fearful; bees have no interest in stinging you unless you threaten them by swatting at them or disturbing their nest.)
**This information will be distributed to our Facebook group for quick response from our members.**  
Response times will vary based on availibility of beekeepers and their work schedules.
Swarms are typically removed for free but removing bees from homes and structures which require carpentry skills may incur a cost.  Cutouts require skill, experience, and complete removal of all honeycomb and honey to prevent infestations of pests or reoccurance of bees in the future.  
Please stay safe and we are all praying for quick recovery for every family impacted by the storm.
Kara Bassett
CBA Webmaster