Bobby Torbush gently brushing a swarm from a tree.

Notice he has no veil or gloves on.



Honeybees reproduce by swarming. If a swarm can be recovered and established in a beehive, it will have a better chance of survival and the potential to become a strong honey producing colony.


Contact any of the following people if you locate a honeybee swarm:


Member                        Contact

Kara Bassett              770-668-6625

Tom Gray                   678-517-9001

Chris Helton              770-301-1858

Richard Littleton        770-830-1943

Cory Matheson          770-905-7443

Ed Mellon                  770-969-2142

Steve Page               770-683-2465

Marilynn Parker        770-949-6640

Alex Rogers             678-471-0346

Dan Scales               678-232-4793

Rob Sheffield            770-251-1661

Heather Shinn          706-616-3765

Nick Shinn                706-616-2991

Bobby Torbush         770-927-0077

Debbie VanHuffel     402-301-6305

JIm Picciola              404-219-9667