Pure, Raw and Unfiltered Honey For Sale

WARNING: Do not feed honey to infants less than one year old.

Natural, raw honey will crystallize, to liquefy place jar in warm, not hot, water.  Do not microwave as this kills the beneficial enzymes in your honey and it will no longer be considered raw!

The harvest season for fresh, local, raw, and unfiltered honey starts in late May and continues into summer.




Please check with these local beekeepers for local honey:






Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn't Honey

Ultra-filtering Removes Pollen, Hides Honey Origins


More than three-fourths of the honey sold in U.S. grocery stores isn't exactly what the bees produce, according to testing done exclusively for Food Safety News.
The results show that the pollen frequently has been filtered out of products labeled "honey."
The removal of these microscopic particles from deep within a flower would make the nectar flunk the quality standards set by most of the world's food safety agencies.

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Asian Honey, Banned in Europe, Is Flooding U.S. Grocery Shelves

FDA has the laws needed to keep adulterated honey off store shelves but does little, honey industry says.


A third or more of all the honey consumed in the U.S. is likely to have been smuggled in from China and may be tainted with illegal antibiotics and heavy metals.  A Food Safety News investigation has documented that millions of pounds of honey banned as unsafe in dozens of countries are being imported and sold here in record quantities. 


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