Suggested Videos

YouTube Video Speakers and Lessons

YouTube (and other) videos are a great way to learn about beekeeping. The downside of YouTube is just the number of videos that are available. Beginning beekeepers don't generally know where to start to separate the good sources from the not-so-good. On this page we hope to give you a leg-up on where to start. 



Recommended Beekeeper Searches and Channels

The following searches/channels are by beekeepers that our members recommend. These are a great starting place if you are looking for specific topics to learn and/or review beekeeping methods

Bob Binnie/Basic to Advanced Beekeepingover 200 videos

Kamon Reynolds/Basic to Advanced Beekeeping -- over 600+ videos

University of Guelph Honeybee Research Centre -- 77 videos

Michael Bush -- 77 videos (search Michael Bush bees/beekeeping)

Michael Palmer -- 70+ videos (search Michael Palmer bees/French Hill Apiaries) 

Dr. Jamie Ellis -- 70+ videos (search Dr. Jamie Ellis)

Les Crowder -- 50+ videos (search Les Crowder bees)

Adrian Quiney -- over 120 videos

Cory Steven/Stevens Bee Co. -- 37 videos

Recommended Videos by Topic 

The following videos are videos (by topic) that our members recommend

Mites, Mite Resistance and Varroa Sensitive Hygeine

How to test for mites -- Alcohol wash with INSANE mite load!

Cory Stevens -- Mite Resistant Honeybees? VSH Explained 

Cory Stevens and Kaira Wagoner -A powerful tool to select for mite resistant honeybees

Dr. John Harbo -- Measuring and Retaining VSH for ALL BEEKEEPERS

Queens/Queen Rearing

OTS queen rearing -- Mel Disselkoen speaks on OTS Queen Rearing and Miticide-free beekeeping

Bob Binnie -- How We Produce Queens

Kamon Reynolds -- Queen rearing for Beginners!!

Kamon Reynolds -- Grafting Queens for Beginners! 

Kamon Reynolds -- Queen Rearing for Beginners - Queen cells!

Sustainable Apiaries

Michael Palmer --The Sustainable Apiary
Michael Palmer -- Brood Factories
James Lee -- Treatment-free and Sustainability/What is Sustainability?

Swarms and Swarm Trapping

Phil Stob — Fishing for Bees